SEO Optimization Tool–One of the Stronger Pieces

Well here is a little tip on SEO

After using several SEO Companies over the past 3 years, I can honestly say that SEO is truly a science, and the art is providing real authentic content on a regular basis.  I encourage all my customers and do everything they can to practice creating authentic content.  For me the best thing any group / company / individual can do to search optimize their site is to ensure that your site clearly captures the essence of your message.  This means that you should have, clear, concise content that represents your products, services and message in the clearest simplest format that anyone can understand.  Staying true to this will ultimately be rewarded assuming you have followed some basis SEO principles.  

So, with regard to following SEO principles, there are no short-cuts, but there are ways to get where you need to go faster, even when true SEO people know that the algorithms used by Google, Bing etc. are all moving targets. 

That said, I though I would post my new badge.  I have been using SEOMoz Pro for the past couple of months, and find the tools very useful, and assists with guiding your web site developer through some of the core SEO metrics and provides valuable insights into optimizing your site, your pages and your content.  There is no perfect tool that covers all aspects, but SEOMoz provides valuable insights that will guide most web masters through the core SEO principles, with-out distracting you from what is most important:  authentic content and reflects the message you are trying to portray.   If you need additional SEO help please do not hesitate to contact John at Blue 33 for a SEO consulting engagement, business analysis and web development engagement.


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