MSN Offers for Schools–Video–Live

We received our contracted video production of the MSN Offers for Schools overview on December 2nd.  See the video below. The production is was great and huge credit to Sam from Tadapix Marketing at  for creating an amazing production.

Vimeo Video

MSN Offers for Schools Introduction from MSN Offers for Schools on Vimeo.

Learn all about MSN Offers for Schools. This short video explains how it works. Sign-up today at and please share this video with everyone you know! Unite your community by supporting local commerce while supporting education.
**** MSN Offers for Schools - Uniting local businesses and schools in support of the future *****

Video Credits
Agency: Tadapix Marketing
Executive Creative Director: Sam Yousefian
Music: Patrick Kirst & Marcus Sjöwall
Animation: Smash5 Studios
Art Director: Michelle Garcia

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