bikefit-dealerlocator-07152011_001I am proud to announce that after several months of development efforts, is now live with their new ecommerce web site.  Through extensive effort by all parties involved in the development process we have enabled some great functionality that is streamlining their operations and enabling a strong connection with their core distributors and suppliers.

Some of the functionality in includes:

  • A Google Map – Dealer Locator – enabling customers to find their closes professional bike fitter from over 250+ dealers / distributors and pro trained fitters
  • Complete ecommerce with real time shipping rates and calculations from FedEx and USPS
  • Dealer and Distributor purchasing.  Once registered, a distributor or wholesale customer is able to see specific products, and pricing and complete orders online.  A sophisticated MS SQL database back-end enables this functionality.
  • Web to Accounting & Warehouse shipping integration.  Bike Fit’s web site is connected in real time to their core accounting systems and warehouse enabling orders to be processed, inventory on the web site to be updated and the order process streamlined. 
  • Best of class ecommerce functions include:  wish list, shopping cart tracking (so once you are logged-in) your cart stays with you regardless of which computer you on.  Ability for all customers to track their orders, updte their contact information, billing information and much more!

Please take a few minutes to check-out  and feel free to leave your feedback or comments.  Like them on FaceBook and Tweet about them at Twitter. 

Check out a few screen shots of the site:

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