MSN Offers for Schools–Video–Live

We received our contracted video production of the MSN Offers for Schools overview on December 2nd.  See the video below. The production is was great and huge credit to Sam from Tadapix Marketing at  for creating an amazing production.

Vimeo Video

MSN Offers for Schools Introduction from MSN Offers for Schools on Vimeo.

Learn all about MSN Offers for Schools. This short video explains how it works. Sign-up today at and please share this video with everyone you know! Unite your community by supporting local commerce while supporting education.
**** MSN Offers for Schools - Uniting local businesses and schools in support of the future *****

Video Credits
Agency: Tadapix Marketing
Executive Creative Director: Sam Yousefian
Music: Patrick Kirst & Marcus Sjöwall
Animation: Smash5 Studios
Art Director: Michelle Garcia

A living list of Press for MSN Offers for School

Here is a list of the press we have seen so far about the MSN Offers for Schools program.  WE now have a new web site: 

MSN Offers for Schools:

Here are the deals we ran under our Pilot program via. Bing Deals.

Bing Deals or MSN Offers – List

More to come as we continue to grow and expand.


Great InfoGraphic about How to Use LinkedIn

This is a nice and simple step by step to get yourself up to date and connected on LinkedIn. In general I am more of a experimental social networker, however there is a lot of value to be found in your connections. It is fun to share photo's an other information on Facebook or Twitter, but as a business tool LinkedIn is king. As a sales and business development professional I find LinkedIn to be a valuable resource where you can find people in companies you want to talk with or as a resource to connect with like minded professionals in your field. The following info graphic was sourced from Business Insider, and though it was worth sharing.

Enjoy. John

Mindflash Image

Utah Husky Away Game–Park City

Photos from our trip here >>>>>>

Viral Marketing Wisdom from Kiss Metrics

I believe the best think you can do is come up with a great info-graphic to share with the community.  People are visual and really digest and remember graphics much more readily than ‘words’ so . . . with that here is an info graphic that strikes a good balance between words and graphics.

++ Click Image to Enlarge ++
The Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet
Source: The Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet Infographic

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