I am proud to announce that after several months of development efforts, is now live with their new ecommerce web site.  Through extensive effort by all parties involved in the development process we have enabled some great functionality that is streamlining their operations and enabling a strong connection with th... [More]

Small Business CRM–Finally a right size solution!

So, after many years and using many CRM Systems including:, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, good old ACT and other contact management tools, I recently set-up Green Benefitson BatchBook.  It is a cloud based CRM application.  After only a few days I can report that BatchBook is a great tool that accom... [More]

SEO Optimization Tool–One of the Stronger Pieces

SEO Optimization Formula - start with authentic content, add SEOMoz, conect with like mined groups . . . move up the ranks. [More]

Small Business Applictions online

This is a great infographic on Small Business Cloud Applications.  There are many more not listed including one of my favorites,  But it has some of the core applications.  Also for a little larger (>10 ee's) be sure to check out Microsoft Online.     The Small Business Journey to the Cl... [More]

Welcome to Blue 33 - a Blog by John Hamlin

Hello and welcome As with many blogs, we start out with the best of intentions, of writing often and updating etc.  With this site I plan to do just that . . . blog weekly. Stay tuned, and should I be so good, I just might post here ofen enought to keep it interesting.  In the interim, here is a little list of the web s... [More]

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