Tracking your web site uptime

I have recently discovered PingDom a online pay per use web site & server monitoring service.   Over the years I have dabbled with a wide variety of tools for this purpose or paid for various services.  This one stands out as the most credible and feature rich option.  Our server is currently hosting a good ... [More]

Some of my Favorite Internet Marketing sites & Tools

This is my no means a comprehensive list of internet marketing sites.  Please provide feedback on sites that you have used and really like.  These are just a few that I have frequented over the past 12 months.  I would really enjoy it if the list grew with useful sites and services.  KissMetrics Blog SE... [More]

Some of my favorite web site tech tools

Just a few of the tools out there, and some that I like and have used.  This is by no means a compreshensive list, but just a few of the tools I use on a regular basis.  I proudly use SEO Moz Pro for SEO and site optimization: For Video hosting with good analytics : – Vimeo - For Social book... [More]

Viral Marketing Wisdom from Kiss Metrics

I believe the best think you can do is come up with a great info-graphic to share with the community.  People are visual and really digest and remember graphics much more readily than ‘words’ so . . . with that here is an info graphic that strikes a good balance between words and graphics. ++ Click Image to Enlarg... [More]

Lether & Associates Live - - DotNetNuke 6 Site

In a short, intense and focused effort the newly formed law group, Lether & Associates, PLLC assembled content and made great focused efforts to build-out  their new web site  in cooperation with John Hamlin.  The site is built on the new DotNetNuke 6.0  with SQL Server back end and i... [More]

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