A living list of Press for MSN Offers for School

Here is a list of the press we have seen so far about the MSN Offers for Schools program.  WE now have a new web site:  http://www.msnoffersforschools.com 

MSN Offers for Schools:

Here are the deals we ran under our Pilot program via. Bing Deals.

Bing Deals or MSN Offers – List

More to come as we continue to grow and expand.


Great InfoGraphic about How to Use LinkedIn

This is a nice and simple step by step to get yourself up to date and connected on LinkedIn. In general I am more of a experimental social networker, however there is a lot of value to be found in your connections. It is fun to share photo's an other information on Facebook or Twitter, but as a business tool LinkedIn is king. As a sales and business development professional I find LinkedIn to be a valuable resource where you can find people in companies you want to talk with or as a resource to connect with like minded professionals in your field. The following info graphic was sourced from Business Insider, and though it was worth sharing.

Enjoy. John

Mindflash Image

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